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    Utopia X (Max Strength Nootropic)


      More Potent. Longer Lasting. Limited Edition.

      Utopia X represents the evolution of our industry-leading nootropic Utopia. With the addition of an extra boost of caffeine (300 mg/serving) and a novel plant extract (Thermopsis lanceolata), it’s safe to say Utopia X is a whole new monster to our product line.

      Loyal Elemental customers will feel everything they love about the Utopia experience, but with amplified focus and a more euphoric rush. We are known for our incredibly effective formulations with flavors that make you forget you’re drinking supplements; that’s why we are launching with the most requested flavor from our Utopia website poll, Pink Lemonade.

      Our small batch of athletes and customers who have used and tested the new Utopia X describe it as a completely new level of focus and clarity. To quote USAPL National Champion and Elemental Athlete Chrissy Peracchi:

      “Have you ever felt so focused during training that failure doesn't seem possible? Utopia X flips the switch. It's more than an energy rush; it’s the lasting drive I need for a higher level of performance when it matters.”

      Experienced Utopia users, welcome to the new era.

      Limited to 1000 units, be the first to get yours before it’s gone.

      30 servings per container

      Active ingredients per serving (1 scoop):

      • Vitamin C (500 mg / scoop)
      • To support neuron health and enhance the effects of Mucuna extract
      • CDP Choline (500 mg / scoop)
      • To support alertness, learning, and memory
      • Caffeine Anhydrous (300 mg / scoop)
      • To support energy and reduce fatigue
      • Mucuna Seed Extract (L-Dopa) (150 mg / scoop)
      • To support motivation and positive outlook
      • Griffonia Seed Extract (5-HTP) (50 mg / scoop)
      • To enhance the effects of Mucuna on motivation and positive outlook
      • Thermopsis lanceolata Extract (1.5 mg / scoop)
      • To maximize cholinergic driven focus, energy, learning, and memory
      • Huperzine A (200 mcg / scoop)
      • To enhance the effects of CDP choline on alertness, learning and memory