Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Issues

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept payments via Paypal, Bitcoin, Amazon Pay, and all major credit cards.




Do you ship internationally?

By default, we ship internationally via USPS. Our international shipping rates are weight-based  and size - i.e. the larger and heavier your order, the more you'll pay for shipping.

International shipments usually take 7-21 days to arrive. 


Please note that you may be liable to pay import duties on your order as well, depending on where you live. Where applicable, these are estimated for you at checkout but are NOT covered by your shipping costs - you will likely have to pay these to your local customs authority on receipt of your order. Elemental Formulations,LLC is not liable for customs charges and has no control over customs charges. If you fail to pay your customs charge or contact the relevant government agency needed to release your product, it may be sent back to us. In this case, Elemental Formulations,LLC is not liable to refund the cost of your order or for the cost of reshipping your order.

Please be aware that your package may be inspected by your local customs authority on entry to your country. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are allowed to import any of the ingredients found in Elemental Formulations, LLC products before ordering. We take no responsibility for orders that are seized by customs authorities, and whilst an order is in the hands of your customs authority we have no control over it. If you have any enquiries about the status of your order once it has been shipped, please contact your local customs authorities.



International shipping is too expensive for me, do you have any alternatives to get your product in my country?

We are currently in talks with distributors in Canada, Europe, Australia, and the UK so you can get your products without needing to pay import/export fees or excessive int'l shipping. If you would like to see Elemental products in your country and you know or are a distributor, please contact us at!


Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping for orders over $200. Free shipping as well as other great rewards are also offered through our Elemental Elite program. To learn more or sign up, just click the "Free Shipping" text on the header of our website.


I'm only trying to order one product, why is shipping $10 (US)?

Shipping rates are weight and size based. Shipping is so much cheaper for an item like utopia because it is small and only weighs 5 oz., while the other items in the product line are all above 1 lb.


As soon as you jump above 1 lb., rates increase dramatically through all carriers. While we know this is frustrating, rates do not increase proportionately after 1 lb., so making multi item orders will dramatically reduce shipping costs per item.


We are doing our best to offset this; one of the things that you'll notice is if you sign up for our rewards program you can unlock free shipping on future orders. Alternatively, you can consider our Elemental Elite program. To learn more about Elemental Elite, click "Free Shipping" in the header of our navigation bar.



Where can I learn more about Wholesale opportunities?

Please contact us at with all wholesale inquiries. Please include the products you are interested as well as the quantities (wholesale pricing begins at 50 units per product per flavor).



Are your products banned substance free and WADA compliant?

Yes, we are certified drug free! We begin by auditing any manufacturer we use, personally touring their facility, and completing a legal agreement guaranteeing they do not process or store any banned substances in their facility. In short, this means nothing ends up in one of our products which isn't on the label and intentionally included by us. In the 10 year history of both De Novo Nutrition, and now continuing with Elemental, we are proud to state that we have never had an athlete return an adverse test due to our products. This includes multiple IPF International level athletes who are drug-tested both in and out of competition (through both urine and blood analysis). We also third party test every lot of every product to prove their potency and purity.  We are completely transparent with our test results on every lot we produce.


I notice you use artificial instead of "natural" sweeteners in your products, why?

While we would love to avoid sweeteners altogether, the reality is that most raw supplement ingredients taste pretty awful. Since we're all wired to like the taste of sweet, one of the best ways to have a pleasant experience when drinking your supplements is to use some form of sweetener. We pride ourselves on the fact that most customers are surprised our products "don't taste like supplements", but rather fruit juices, popular candies, and sports drinks.

In order to do this without adding unnecessary calories, sweet compounds which are indigestible must be used. While naturally occurring, indigestible sweet compounds do exist (like Stevia), you may be surprised to learn the body of evidence does not indicate they are safer than those which are lab synthesized.  This is not a matter of opinion, but decades of scientific research.  You may also be surprised to learn that artificial sweeteners are actually some of the most studied food additives in the food industry.

A review of why we use what we use is listed below. For those interested in learning more about specific artificial sweeteners, we encourage you to visit the FDA's website regarding high intensity sweeteners permitted in foods here.


"Toxins" and "chemicals" are blanket terms thrown around quite a bit in the fitness industry and popular culture by those more interested in spreading fear than knowledge. The reality is that everything you consume is made up of chemicals. To avoid chemicals entirely would mean certain death as it would require you to avoid breathing, eating, or drinking anything (including water). We better understand how specific chemicals influence our health through the field of toxicology, which is devoted to studying this relationship. Through it, we can distinguish the dosage range over which a compound produces desirable effects from the minimal dosage it begins to produce undesirable effects. The central concept upon which the entire foundation of toxicology is built (and the most important sentence of this passage) is that the dose of a compound is the most important factor in determining it's toxicity, or stated simply that "the dose makes the poison". Dosage is literally the difference between something like water being life sustaining or lethal, and between botox being a useful therapeutic and the most deadly substance known.

Now that we are on the same page about what makes something a toxin, we can review the following table comparing artificial sweeteners. From the research data presented, it is clear to see that Stevia actually has one of the lowest safe dosage levels (ADI), while Aspartame has the highest.


Table adapted from:


We opt to use artificial sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame, and acesulfame potassium as stevia is not inherently safer, significantly more expensive, and produces a sweetness/flavor profile very dissimilar to sugar.

Flavor and Formulation

Those of you more detail oriented may notice we use different sweeteners for different products and flavors. This is due to the synergy of specific sweeteners in enhancing profiles of certain flavors and producing a sweet taste that much closer resembles the taste of sugar. Not only can this add unique dimensions to flavors which would be otherwise difficult to achieve, it also allows us to use lower amounts of sweeteners overall.


Where can I learn more about supplements?

One of the core values at Elemental is the education and empowerment of consumers using the most valid and up to date supplement information possible. That being said, we always encourage you to get your information from a balance of reputable resources committed to education. For great overviews of supplement ingredients we recommend databases like Examine or ConsumerLab. For those interested in more in-depth mechanisms, pharmacology, or ingredient interactions some of our favorites are DrugBank, PubChem, and Chemicalize. MASS is also an excellent resource for research reviews.