Our commitment to quality, and you, in a market full of uncertainties

Our Third Party Testing Laboritories:

It is unfortunately the norm in the supplement industry to cut corners by adding low-cost filler or underdosing ingredients. Every scoop of every Elemental product provides an unforgettable experience that can only be created by using high purity ingredients in the proper dosing.  Here, in our testing archive, you can view the analytical results of every lot of product we have run in the history of the company.

At Elemental, we are committed to providing the purest and most potent evidence-based supplements on the market. Our 3rd party testing is objective proof of our commitment to quality and assurance that you never have to question anything we create.  We challenge you to ask other companies who claim 3rd party testing to produce the verification of quality we do.

Banned Substance Analytical Report

Prime Pre (EX091622B), Base Pre (EX091822A), Utopia (EX091622A), Creatine (EX091822C), Whey (EX091822B)

Prime Pre (EX051323B), Utopia (EX050423A)

Potency Reports

Prime Pre Analyses
Lot EX091622B Sour Watermelon
Complete Analysis Report
Lot EX051323B Sour Watermelon
Complete Analysis Report
Prime Whey Analyses
Lot EX091822B Watermelon Sorbet
Complete Analysis Report
Utopia Analyses
Lot EX091622A Strawberry Kiwi
Complete Analysis Report
Lot EX050423A Watermelon Candy
Complete Analysis Report
Base Pre Analyses
Lot EX091822A Electric FP
Beta Alanine, Citrulline, Caffeine & NALT Report
Creatine Mono Analyses
Lot EX091822C Unflavored
Creatine and Impurities Report