We can't wait to show you how our experience allows us to enhance yours!

Elemental Formulations is the evolution of our 20+ years' collective experience in the fitness industry. We joined forces because we believe in creating a better, more transparent industry through providing the most effective, purest, and safest products possible.

We are a team of professionals, academics, and athletes who strive for the best in everything we do; and in passing the best we can offer on to you. We're very proud of the team we have assembled and we can’t wait to hear your Elemental experience!

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Omar Isuf
Co-Founder / Head of Marketing

Content Creator
Serial Entrepreneur

Ben Esgro, RD, CSCS
Co-Founder / Head of R&D

MS Pharmaceutical Chemistry
MS Sports Nutrition
Registered Dietitian
Founder of De Novo Nutrition
Scientific Advisory Board

Michael C. Zourdos, Ph.D., CSCS
Tenured Professor
Managing Partner: Monthly Applications in Strength Sport (MASS)
Owner & Manager: Training Revolution

Eric Trexler, Ph.D., CSCS*D, CISSN
Sports Nutrition Researcher
Pro Natural Bodybuilder
Director of Education, Stronger by Science

Eric Helms, Ph.D., CSCS
Research Fellow for Strength & Conditioning and Sports Nutrition & Physiology at Auckland University of Technology
Co-Founder 3D Muscle Journey

Mike T. Nelson, Ph.D., MSME, CISSN, CSCS
Carrick Institute Adjunct Professor


Ashton Rouska
105 kg Raw Powerlifter
American Record Holder
2,095 lb Raw Total

Jonathan Cayco
93 kg Raw Powerlifter
USAPL National Champion
American Record Holder
1,915 lb Raw Total

Chrissy Peracchi
57 kg Raw Powerlifter
USAPL National Champion
975 lb Raw Total

Panagiotis Tarinidis
66 kg Raw Powerlifter
French National Champion
Powerlifting Coach
1,471 lb Raw Total

Daniella Melo
84 kg Raw Powerlifter
National & World Champion
American & World Record Holder
1,351 lb Raw Total

Taylor Atwood
74 kg Raw Powerlifter
National & World Champion
American & World Record Holder
1,790 lb Raw Total

Jessica Buettner
72 kg Raw Powerlifter
Canadian National Champion
World Record Holder
1,240 lb Raw Total

Sean Noriega
83 kg Raw Powerlifter
Powerlifting Coach
American Record Holder
1,819 lb Raw Total