Utopia (Nootropic)


      Unlock True Productivity

      At a certain point, coffee just isn’t up to the task. You need a unique blend of feel-good, sustained energy for hours without a hard crash. Utopia's finely-tuned formula helps you think bigger, work harder, and achieve more.

      How Utopia Works:

      Utopia's research-backed blend of nootropics (cognitive enhancers) create the perfect conditions for productivity. Caffeine, 5-HTP, and Mucuna extract provide a euphoric boost of feel-good energy, while CDP Choline and Huperzine provide long-lasting effects to keep your productivity and performance elevated.


      3rd Party Verified Purity & Potency


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      It is unfortunately the norm in the supplement industry to cut corners by adding low-cost filler or underdosing ingredients. Every scoop of Elemental products provides an unforgettable experience that can only be created by using high purity ingredients in the proper dosing.  As with all our supplements, Elemental Utopia is thoroughly 3rd party tested with a scannable QR code on every bottle. Scanning this will take you to the exact lab results of the product in your hands, or you can visit our testing archive here to view the analyticals of every lot we have run in the history of the company.

      At Elemental, we are committed to providing the purest and most potent evidence-based supplements on the market. Our 3rd party testing is objective proof of our commitment to quality and assurance that you never have to question anything we create.  We challenge you to ask other companies who claim 3rd party testing to produce the verification of quality we do.

      The #1 Most Powerful Nootropic Just Got More Powerful


      Enhance Cognition


      Enhance Focus


      Fatigue Management

      We feel confident in claiming that Utopia, the original flagship product of co-owner Ben's previous company De Novo, changed the nootropic game.  Nootropic is just a fancy word for ingredients that improve cognitive function.  In the case of Utopia, it is specifically aimed to improve focus and feelings of positivity. It's also formulated perfectly to have you feeling alert and focused without crashes or jitters.

      Utopia's success came via word of mouth.  Users were pleasantly surprised at the sustained focus they experienced and found that it easily eclipsed competing products. We are now proud to present the new, enhanced version of Utopia, with the addition of 5-HTP.

      How does it work? Let's go over the ingredients one by one to highlight why each is important in creating the distinctive Utopia experience. 

      Vitamin C (500 mg/serving)

      Vitamin C is an essential compound in human nutrition. It occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables and is required for many vital enzymatic reactions in the human body. It is most notable for its role as an antioxidant, preserving and stabilizing cell membranes. We include Vitamin C in Utopia for its effects in the brain. It has been shown to enhance L-Dopa's effects and protect against the oxidative stress products of dopamine metabolism. For this reason, Vitamin C should always be included with L-Dopa supplements.


      CDP Choline (500 mg/serving)

      CDP Choline is one of two effective choline precursor compounds (along with Alpha GPC) which reach the brain to effectively increase acetylcholine production. Acetylcholine enhances alertness, attention, learning, and memory.


      Caffeine Anhydrous (200 mg/serving)

      Caffeine prevents fatigue producing compounds in the central nervous system from exerting their effects, so you feel less tired, happier, and more alert. Anhydrous caffeine is the purest and most potent form available.


      L-Dopa (150 mg/serving)

      The seeds of Mucuna pruriens are particularly rich in L-Dopa, your body's precursor to the neurotransmitters dopamine and adrenaline. Dopamine is the reward neurotransmitter and regulates motivation and incentive to perform a task. By taking Utopia before work or any mentally demanding task, you'll produce more dopamine as you're doing the task, so you'll love the work you're doing more.


      5-HTP (50 mg/serving)

      5-HTP is a naturally occurring precursor to serotonin present in the seeds of many plants, including Mucuna pruriens. Imbalanced supplementation of dopamine precursors in the absence of serotonin support can lead to nausea and negative effects on mood. Recent research has supported the use of 50 mg 5-HTP to optimize the effects of L-Dopa.


      Huperzine A (200 mcg/serving)

      Huperzine A limits the action of the enzyme that degrades acetylcholine. This, along with CDP Choline, increases the effects of acetylcholine, leading to improved focus and stimulation.