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Prime Pre (Pre-Workout)

Prime Pre (Pre-Workout)

You give everything in the gym; you deserve more than just the basics. We formulated Prime Pre with the most potent dosing of the highest quality essentials, plus the creative addition of key ingredients to elevate your performance during even the most demanding workouts.

Prime Pre’s research-backed blend of ingredients is a complete solution to improve your energy, focus, hydration, and sustained effort. Caffeine and N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine provide an intense boost of feel-good energy, Sodium and Potassium salts support optimal hydration, Beta-Alanine and Citrate salts improve fatigue resistance, Citrulline and Vasodrive-AP provide noticeable increases in blood-flow to working muscles, and Alpha-GPC and Huperzine work together to create clear focus.

Utopia (Nootropic)

Utopia (Nootropic)

At a certain point, coffee just isn’t up to the task. You need a unique blend of feel-good, sustained energy for hours without a hard crash. Utopia's finely-tuned formula helps you think bigger, work harder, and achieve more.

Our research-backed blend of nootropics (cognitive enhancers) create the perfect conditions for productivity. Caffeine, 5-HTP, and Mucuna extract provide a euphoric boost of feel-good energy, while CDP Choline and Huperzine provide long-lasting effects to keep your productivity and performance elevated.