Elemental Boro Bottle

    $4.99 $18.00

      Throw away your old shaker bottles, they're officially obsolete.

      After months of refining it, we're proud to introduce the new standard, our Elemental Boro Bottle. Our bottle is made of chemistry grade thick walled borosilicate glass with a laser etched Ef logo. This type of glass is much stronger and more thermally resistant than standard glass.

      A nod to Elemental cofounder Ben's chemistry background, borosilicate glass is used in chemistry & cookware due to its well known strength and resilience (you can drop it from a low height and it won't break). Our Elemental Boro Bottle contains no plastic and is crystal clear. As a result, it's much easier to see residues and clean by hand or in a dishwasher. No more sticky, caked protein powder at the bottom of your bottle.

      At 750ml capacity, we designed the size specifically to hold enough fluid to properly mix any product in our line. One of the many perks is that it can be used for very cold or hot beverages like coffee or tea in addition to your EF supps. As an example, you can heat your water and add creatine into this bottle for improved water solubility.

      Lastly, there are the aesthetic considerations. It's gorgeous. The transparent Boro Bottle allows you to see the solution at all times. You're guaranteed to get questions at the gym!

      At Elemental, novelty and utility are intertwined. We didn't want to release your standard shaker bottle; we wanted to improve upon it. And we did.

      Experience the new Boro Bottle and see the difference for yourself.