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    Prime Whey (Whey Protein Isolate)

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      The Ultimate Protein Supplement  

      Many have tried (and failed) to create the perfect protein powder.  Some use great taste to hide low quality protein sources.  Others use quality protein but miss on taste.  None have been able to create a delicious, high-quality, fruit flavored Whey that doesn’t foam like hand soap or leave an odd film on your tongue.  Prime Whey is the best tasting solution to meeting your protein needs, any time of day.

      How Prime Whey Works

      We start with the purest and most potent Whey Protein Isolate on the market to provide unmatched protein quality and BCAA content in every scoop.  Next, we added the best fruit sorbet flavors to produce a truly distinctive experience compared to any protein you’ve used before.

      How To Use Prime Whey

      During the day, pre, post, or intraworkout, Prime Whey can be used any time of day to boost your protein intake.  Yes, this means you can use Prime Whey to replace those useless BCAA’s with a great tasting, complete protein.  Just mix one scoop in 16 oz. water, swirl or stir vigorously (DO NOT SHAKE), and prepare to be amazed!


      Pure Protein


      Delicious Taste


      Supreme Mixability

      Protein powders are incredibly common. How then do we differentiate with our Prime Whey? If we had to distill it simply; we use the highest quality protein that is free of both lactose and fat, with the highest leucine content in an instantly mixable, irresistible flavor. We aren't kidding when we said this is the ultimate protein supplement.

      We don't use any filler in Prime Whey, so there aren't any extra fats or carbohydrates.. It makes this protein powder...nearly all protein. As a result, our Prime Whey is actually lower calorie per scoop compared to competing proteins.  Each scoop contains 20 grams of high quality protein and less than 100 calories. This makes it macro friendly while providing you with the full spectrum of amino acids you need.

      Quality protein is important, but if it doesn't taste delicious who wants to drink it? We spent several months working specifically on flavoring alone to make our Prime Whey distinct. Rather than going the traditional chocolate or vanilla route, we wanted something more refreshing and versatile. We also wanted to ensure that it's something you'd want to drink during a workout without feeling like you chugged a milkshake. This led us to create a delicious watermelon flavored whey isolate. Our fruit sorbet flavoring produces a truly distinctive experience compared to any protein you’ve used before. It is light, satisfying, and easy to drink.

      Besides being a very high quality protein that's irresistibly tasty, we solved the issue of mixability. Ask any lifter the problem with most protein and they would unanimously say it clumps. Even in a shaker bottle, most protein is too thick and ends up sticking to the bottom. Worse, there are usually clumps left behind while you're drinking it, or it leaves an odd filmy texture on your tongue. Without going into specifics (we have to keep some secrets), we've made our Prime Whey instantly mixable. Simply swirl or stir vigorously and our Whey will mix easily into your water.


      Whey Protein Isolate (23 g/serving, yielding 20g protein)

      Whey protein is the milk derived liquid component produced naturally in the cheesemaking process. Whey isolate is the purest and most potent form of whey protein available, which isolates only the proteins from the fats and carbohydrates which are normally present in milk. This makes it lactose free, lower calorie, and higher in both protein and branched chain amino acid content compared to any other complete protein source available. In Prime Whey, we use a whey protein isolate purified to provide higher branched chain amino acid content than any other whey protein on the market.  The image to the right is our actual Whey Isolate base under 80x magnification.