Elemental Vertical Logo Tee

    $19.99 $27.99

      The first piece of Elemental Apparel is here!

      We wanted to create something uniquely Elemental. This means we avoided the painfully standard black or white tees and pedestrian designs. Instead, we opted to reflect one of our brand values of being boldly creative.

      Using a light, breathable purple polyblend tee as the base (Bella 3001 CVC specifically), we went for a front and back print with both of our brand logos. First, we printed our  oversized Elemental Formulations logo text on the front running vertical. On the back under the collar, we printed our square "Ef" minimalist logo.

      The end result is an arresting tee that stands out from the competition, especially with the two tones of purple used. This tee will be a limited release, meaning that we only make so many for the year. Afterwards it will be gone for good.

      We can't promise buying this tee will make you hit a PR, but at the least you'll stand out while attempting it.

      Sizing charts can be viewed by clicking the arrows (left or right) on the main product image.