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    Base Pre (Pre-Workout)


      Economical and Essential

      Sometimes you just need the trusted pre-workout essentials in a great tasting and affordable package. This is why we created Base Pre; proper dosing of the highest quality essentials you know and love with a distinctive experience you can only find with Elemental Formulations.

      How Base Pre Works

      Base Pre’s research-backed blend of ingredients create the perfect conditions for energy and sustained effort.  Caffeine and N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine provide a smooth boost of feel-good energy, while Beta-Alanine and Citrulline Malate delay fatigue and provide fuel to working muscles.

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      3rd Party Verified Purity & Potency


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      It is unfortunately the norm in the supplement industry to cut corners by adding low-cost filler or underdosing ingredients. Every scoop of Elemental products provides an unforgettable experience that can only be created by using high purity ingredients in the proper dosing.  As with all our supplements, Elemental Base Pre is thoroughly 3rd party tested with a scannable QR code on every bottle. Scanning this will take you to the exact lab results of the product in your hands, or you can visit our testing archive here to view the analyticals of every lot we have run in the history of the company.

      At Elemental, we are committed to providing the purest and most potent evidence-based supplements on the market. Our 3rd party testing is objective proof of our commitment to quality and assurance that you never have to question anything we create.  We challenge you to ask other companies who claim 3rd party testing to produce the verification of quality we do.

      All The Essentials For An Affordable Price


      Enhance Focus


      Enhance Blood Flow


      Fatigue Management

      What happens when you combine the most well-researched and proven ingredients into a convenient package? You get a solid Pre. What happens when you make it affordable and taste great? You get a solid Pre everyone wants to drink.

      Our Base Pre isn't out to reinvent the wheel; it knows exactly what it is. We've whittled it down to the essential ingredients necessary to have a great workout. This means Caffeine, Tyrosine, Citrulline Malate and Beta Alanine, all properly dosed to help push you to your best. Let's briefly review each ingredient.


      Citrulline Malate (8000 mg/serving)

      Citrulline Malate contains the amino acid L-Citrulline bound to a compound commonly found in fruits called Malic Acid. This is the most studied form of Citrulline studied for exercise performance and blood flow. Citrulline is converted to Nitric Oxide and is a more effective NO precursor than Arginine because it is better absorbed from the intestines. Increasing Nitric Oxide improves blood flow, enhancing exercise endurance.


      Beta Alanine (3200 mg/serving)

      Beta Alanine is an amino acid used by the body to produce Carnosine, a dipeptide which helps to buffer acid in muscles, improving physical performance for efforts lasting longer than 60 seconds.


      N-Acetyl-Tyrosine (2000 mg/serving)

      Tyrosine is a precursor to both Dopamine and Adrenaline production. While it is not directly a stimulant, it can promote wakefulness, enhance caffeine, and reduce the subjective "crash" after using stimulants. We use the N-Acetyl salt of L-Tyrosine, so it mixes more easily into water.


      Caffeine Anhydrous (200 mg/serving)

      Caffeine prevents fatigue producing compounds in the central nervous system from exerting their effects, so you feel less tired, happier, and more alert. Anhydrous caffeine is the purest and most potent form available.