Elemental 3d Block Logo Keychain


      You can get a generic keychain from almost anywhere. You can only get our Elemental keychain here.

      Featuring a rubberized 3D rendition of our purple & red branded logo, now you can proudly proclaim your love of the best supplements...with your keychain.

      The trinkets you procure generally define what you care about (cue World's Best Dad Mugs etc). We like to think this Ef keychain is more memorable than what you typically see (we are also totally unbiased in saying this).

      Perhaps you want a constant reminder of our brand, or you know you'll never lose your keys again with that distinctive purple and red color combination; or possibly you've read this far, are too far committed now and just need to do some late-night retail therapy.

      Whatever your reason, our Ef Keychain is here for you. That is, until our limited supply of  100 sells out.